Shenzhen MING & YUE Intellectual Property Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as Ming & Yue) is an agency specialized in intellectual property service.

Ming & Yue has a professional team with rich experience, honesty, hard-working style. Our professional services cover the fields of electronics, communications, chemistry, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, mechanics, etc. The IP attorneys and IP lawyers of Ming & Yue, having rich practical experience in handling thousands of cases of patent, trademark, copyright and cases in other intellectual property fields, can provide clients with IP prosecution and legal service both in China and abroad, and patent related services according to the requirement of the clients, including: making patent assessment; patent mining and patent search and analysis, and then making database; drafting and translating patent application documents; filing domestic and foreign patent applications; responding office actions; requesting patent reexamination and patent invalidation; initiating patent administrative litigation; making patent infringement analysis and initiating patent infringement litigation, etc. The IP attorneys and IP lawyers of Ming & Yue can provide clients with trademark relating services including: making strategy for trademark management and protection, trademark registration, trademark opposition, trademark review and trademark administrative litigation, Madrid international trademark registration and foreign trademark registration, Well-known trademark cognizance, trademark infringement consultation, etc. The IP attorneys and IP lawyers of Ming & Yue can provide IP related services such as copyright registration, customs recordal.